Ewi usb vs ewi 4000s saxophone patch

Ive played ewis for years and this is a slightly stripped down version of the akai ewi 4000s. Ewi presets patches sounds bank suonopuro soundbank. Replace the dull and lifeless akai ewi 4000s presets with professional quality wind controller sounds from patchman music the leading authority in breath controlled sound design. If you have any questions please email us directly. These models vary greatly in regards to both price and included features. Home alt forums your video ewi 4000s this topic has 12 replies, 8 voices, and was last updated 2 years, 8 months ago by anonymous. The ewi 4000 does offer an ewi fingerings mode, which looks pretty much identical to the saxophone fingering mode with a couple of differences. Akai professional is the first name in electronic wind instruments. Akai ewi usb vst kenny g alto saxophone ewi 4000s, ewi 5000. The ewi4000s comes with a built in analog synthesizer that cannot reproduce real sounding acoustic instruments. Connect the ewi usb to your pc or mac and enjoy expressive breath. The ewi 5000 isnt a horrible instrument, but it suffers greatly by comparison to what it could have been. The pricing of the ewi usb makes it very interesting for many who have a limited budget. And you dont particularly need nor want to visit the 70s and early 80s with the analogue synth found in the ewi4000s fear not, akai has heard your pleas.

The fingering diagram builder,courtesy of bret pimentel,is an online tool that allows you to create a fingering chart for a variety of woodwinds,including saxophone,clarinet,flute,oboe,and recorder,plus the akai ewi 4000s and yamaha wx5. Akai ewi usb vst kenny g alto saxophone ewi 4000s, ewi. Look into videos such as the already mentioned one by insaneintherainmusic for better details. Ewi4000s, but can only be used with computer software instruments via usb connection. I have an acer laptop from last year with the latest version of windows 10 64bit. Akai ewi 4000s new internal sound patch demo youtube. The pricing of the ewiusb makes it very interesting for many who have a limited budget. There is a very basic fingering chart in the users manual, downloadable from akai, but it does not tell the whole story. In comparison, the ewi usb is intended as a student instrument, although it certainly can be used professionally and often is. Anyway, the 5000 is much more expressive connected to my yamaha plg150vl the 4000s i now hear the growl of saxes and i better check the breath on flutes.

A brief manual that will enable you uploading new superior sounds into your ewi4000s in a few easy steps. Would make a fantastic christmas present or just treat yourself. Heres an example of what i eventually could achieve with the reaper tremelo plugin together with the soprano sax sound that came with the garritan sound pack that came with the ewi usb. To get the most out of your ewi its best to treat it like a separate instrument. Jan 23, 2017 home alt forums your video ewi 4000s this topic has 12 replies, 8 voices, and was last updated 2 years, 8 months ago by anonymous. Ewi a little different to the traditional saxophone.

While the ewi4000s uses an analog modelling synth which can have or better does have an excellent dynamic response the ewi5000 uses a sampling engine which emulates real instruments or synthesizers by using samples. Utility software for the wind controller hardware ewi usb from akai professional. Ewi 5000 charges via usb or wall power and also includes a usb cable, wall adapter, wireless receiver, and a neck strap. Ive used the maudio uno, as well as motu micro express, and those on my motu ultralites and ni komplete audio 6 interface.

I have an ewi for more than 5 years and my 4000s plays an important role in my live performances and studio recordings. You will be amazed at the difference in dynamic range and playability with these sounds. The ewi usb comes with a set of vst patches and an editor so lots to play with, although i already have saxlab which has some very realistic sax and flute patches. The sax mode on ewi lets me get away with this, and behaves like a sax, whereas the ewi mode does not. There are many extra features in the ewi 4000s compared to the usb but one of the most obvious is the builtin synthesizer. View and download akai ewi 3030m operators manual online. The patch consists of all the settings that make up that sound, like a saved file. Patch editor for the akai ewi 4000s electronic wind instrument. Apr 02, 2012 the heart of the ewi4000s is its first in the industry builtin sound module that lets musicians plug a wireless midi or audio set up into the base of the ewi, and move freely around the stage. With the wx, you will need some form of midi output but the keys move and operate just like a sax, so petes wx will probably be best. Its one of the only wind controllers, which measures the velocity of how hard you blow into it in order to play.

Dec 03, 2012 you can read lots about the ewi on the patchman site, it is a great bit of kit but i just dont have the time to use it as well as practice my sax. Heres everything you ever wanted to know about the ewi. For instance, the ewi usb is cheaper than the other models, but requires players to plug directly into a computer or other sound source, while the ewi4000s houses its own synthesizer that allows it. The ewi usb is definitely not what you want if you plan on performing with it, as for the 4000s vs the 5000 it comes down to your preference on sounds. Easy to load in using the vysex ewi 4000s editor free from akai. Here are some of its deficiencies, from the point of view of a serious amateur player. The 5000 offers wireless connectivity, which is great for all musicians the mouthpiece is more sensitive, so it offers more the musician more expression in their play. If any 1 or more of the k7, k8, or k9 keys are pressed, the note should stay this is the only nonflute fingering that flute players will need to get used to. Akai professional ewi 5000 electronic wind instrument midi. The evi was manufactured and sold by the akai company in the mid 80s, but later dropped due to insufficient sales. Ewi4000s volume 1 includes tons of highly expressive synth leads, synth basses, exotic timbres, and emulations. Akai ewi usb electronic wind instrument controller with. Now available from a new internal soundbank for the akai ewi 4000s wind synth.

Zwa provides a comprehensive comparison for the akai ewi 4000s, akai ewi usb, and the yamaha wx5 as serious contenders for your wind controller time, along with niche options like the synthophone. I will create another post going into further details since this one has become obsolete. You would have to use an external sound module or software synth to play sampled acoustic instruments like saxophones, etc. Suonopuro ewi presets is a collection of patches for the akai ewi 4000s that reproduce the sound of 24 legendary synthesizer solos drawn from songs that have shaped the history of rock. Vst kenny g soprano saxophone v3 ewi usb ewi 4000s ewi. Akai professional ewi mouthpiece ewi5000 ewi4000sw ewiusb. Akai ewi usb ewiusb midi wind controller at patchman music. The ewi really is a totally different instrument and even using it to shed technical patterns and scales isnt 100% applicable to your real horn. Ewi electronic wind instruments im thinking of getting one largely to have the ability to practice silently late at night wo disturbing my roommates this is especially true since im a beginner. I found the step values of each key and note and coded a full fingering overview only for ewi, not oboe or sax etc. Jul, 2014 the bite and hold turns off the automatic return to the center which is referred to as filter. The primary reason for this is the extra octaves available on the 4000s since i end up making a lot of splits assigning different patches to different ranges for quick transitions in songs or also useful for layering multiple sounds to play. The ewi 5000 is a great step ahead, the instrument maintain the overall characteristics of playability and capacity of adjutment to personalize it.

Akai manufactures several models, including the usb, 4000s and the 3020. Akai ewi 4000s patchman music wind controller faq breath controller. There are just a handful of patches that are really playable,and none of them vaguely resemble an acoustic instrument,including those that are relatively easy to reproduce with a synt e. The akai ewi usb is the most incredible piece of machine and im now glancing at the akai 4000s as a cool thing to have on stage for the more synthbased stuff and hook it up to vocoders etc. The 4000s is the advanced, professional instrument and, correspondingly, about twice the price. This way you can keep multiple settings for different setups. Akai ewi 4000s wind controller compatable with ableton. Youll need a midi interface for the 4000s no usb connector. Sax from soundsampling and having him play trumpet and sax lines through the ewi using flute fingering. Akai ewi, yamaha wx, roland ae10, sylphyo, nuevi, ecorder and others. Ewi4000s volume 1 for the akai ewi4000s and ewi4000 sw contains 100 allnew, super expressive, superdynamic, breath controlled patches designed especially for the new akai ewi4000s wind controller. Like you say, the increased flexibility might make the transition worth it. Since it has no moving parts, it doesnt feel as fragile as an acoustic instrument like a clarinet or a saxophone.

Saxophones electric vs traditional cafesaxophone forum. On the ewi usb, the fingering options are selected in the ewi configuration screen that is part of the aria software included with the ewi usb. Youll hear both sax and cello sounds playing in unison. My beef with the 5000 is that it just doesnt sound like an ewi. This new internal vpowerleads soundbank for the akai ewi 4000s will add expressiveness to your performance and will become for you a new source of inspiration.

Usb vs 4000 i have the patchman sounds and the original sounds. Akai ewi usb control can be chained between the controller hardware and a. Theres a very good sound bank for the ewi 4000s available on. Akai professional ewi 5000 electronic wind instrument midi controller wireless electronic wind instrumentmidi controller with touch sensors and 3gb sound library black rated 4. Wind controllers synthesizers akai ewi, yamaha wx, roland. Akai ewi 4000s wind controller with patchman sounds, gig bag. A 14 inch output to connect to an amplifier or pa and an 18inch headphone output for silent practice are included. While i love my ewi 4000s, with its great analog synth engine, the ewi 5000 offers a number of interesting improvements wireless, rechargeable battery, etc. The akai ewi 4000s comes with 100 presets which,quite frankly,dont do justice to its internal synt.

Experiment yourself with this but i generally find setting it at 2. A question for those who own or have played the akai ewi. Please practice handwashing and social distancing, and check out our resources for adapting to these times. But the fingerings are very flexible, with lots of possibilities for alternate or trill fingerings. Native ewi sounds are a little bit problematic so i bought the famous bank from patchman. Akai ewi4000s wind controller bret pimentel, woodwinds. A few thoughts on the new roland aerophone ae10 bret. I just love the idea of being able to play non wind instrument patches through this controller too, hours of fun and the bonus of headphone through my system for hours of scale. The akai electric wind instrument ewi4000s scholarly repository. Both the ewi usb and ewi 4000s work fine with ableton. Due to the massive impact from covid19 virus some orders are subject to delays in processing and shipping.

Usb vs 4000 im looking at the akai ewi 4000 for a friend who is a flute player. Marian jaslovsky, slovak saxophone flute ewi player. How do i set program voice to fingering control on akai. Ewi reason sounds is a small sound design studio that makes sounds and tools specially crafted for wind controller and ewi players. What is the difference between ewi4000s and ewi5000. Dec 28, 2016 i have this ewi setup to play with the fingerings of a saxophone.

Having made a choice he explains all you need to buy to have your ewi sounding like a legit saxophone. You can select the key size and colors,and you can save the image to your computer or your dropbox account. I find the 5000 more expressive than both the 4000 and the usb. Im using the ewi 4000s as my main controller even though my ewi usb is very capable and much lighter. With the never models from the ewiusb this seems to be done by software.

Concerning good ios sounds for the ewi, here is a free pack of magellan patches and a demo by the guy who made them that i found on the internet. Problem is that patchman will not export from the states. If you have ewi 4000s, get some kind of midi to usb converter. You need to plug your ewi into the computer so that it can transmit midi data.

Vandoren b45 clarinet mouthpiece cm308 wbox new in box made in paris france. Nov 15, 2017 as with everything, technology gets better. That used to be a highpass filter on the earlier ewi models up to the ewi4000s. If you want to practice saxophone, an ewi is not a replacement, but i can say it is a great tool. I recently got the akai ewi usb, but i cant get to work on my laptop. However, the ewi electronic woodwind instrument has continued to be produced by akai, which currently offers 2 models of the ewi the 4000s and the ewi usb. Also the octaves are much smoother on the ewi and larger range 7. If youre a wind instrument player whos been looking for a unique way to get into midi, the akai ewi4000s is your chance.

Ewi usb is an electronic wind instrument for musicians looking for an easytoplay, easytouse controller. Learning ewiwhat fingering mode to use ewi musician. The akai ewi wind controllers ewc strong advantage over the yamaha win controllers is the optional brasstrumpet fingerings offered by the ewiusb and the ewi4000s. For just midicontrol if you dont care about the machine not having any sounds, go with akai ewi usb. Akai professional, the name synonymous with music production, announces ewi usb, its latest wind controller, is now shipping. The akai ewi usb features several fingering systems including sax, traditional.

On a side note, im looking for a way to plug my akai ewiusb into my 1980s roland midi synth. Experiment with panning each sound left or right, changing the volume and reverb level for the effect you. The primary reason for this is the extra octaves available on the 4000s since i end up making a lot of splits assigning different patches to different ranges for quick transitions in songs or also useful for layering multiple sounds to play on the same key for different songs. The ewi sends a lot of midi data, so make sure you get a decent interface to handle it all. Ive recently purchased a akai professional ewi 4000s wind controller. The ewi usb has the same form factor and basic controls. The primary interface on the ewi 4000s is a 2digit, 7segment led display. Theres no reason why the 5000 couldnt have replaced that with a small lcd panel, but in fact it still has the same 2digit display as the 4000s. Later on it would prob be good for ease of recording and to access the maraid of other sounds available. Users from all countries and any language speaking members are welcome. The akai ewi4000s is the most recent model of the ewi electric wind.

Our goal is to inspire you with new tools, sounds and effects, to help you make more music and have more fun doing it. Setting it up differently requires you to change the default settings. The akai ewi wind controllers ewc strong advantage over the yamaha win controllers is the optional brasstrumpet fingerings offered by the ewi usb and the ewi 4000s. Akai professionals decades of experience in wind and electronic music instruments are rolled into our most user friendly and most affordable ewi ever. Provides controls for all the hardwares parameters and allows for saving frequently used presets to disk.

Jun 24, 2010 the proprietary ewi fingering system is quite intuitive for a woodwind player, very saxophonelike. The octave key rollers should have been setup to always be triggered in pairs. Had some interesting findings after having a deep dive into the ewi fingering. For me, the usb would be sufficient but one of the members has a 4000s with patchman sounds that are reported as excellent. Click save to store this to your ewi and repeat with each patch in the library. Its a complex musical instrument capable of generating beautiful sounds and music. I saved both them on to a disc, so if my ewi sounds get too ugly, i can always reinstall either the originals or the patchman stuff. The akai ewi 4000s, ewi 5000, and ewi usb are revolutionary tools for woodwind players. First, the revision d manual i think has a misprint on the ewi fingerings. Roland ae10 aerophone ae10 midi sax patchman music wind. Akai ewi usb wind instrument overview and demo by uniquesquared. Akai ewi ewi4000s ewi4000 electronic wind controller at patchman music. Feb 09, 2019 the ewi electronic wind instrument isnt just a novelty electric saxophone its capable of so much more.

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