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The flash season 4 episode 2 i dont know about this one, folks. The flash season 2 finale with barry allen and iris west. The flash lets savitar do the unthinkable with iris. Iris simprovise justiciere dans the flash et notre monde secroule. Also, i dont understand why people didnt like thea, sara, and felicity. Iris is also the daughter of joe west and the late francine west, the older sister of wally west, the older paternal halfsister of jenna west, the. Flash season 3 finale confirms iris wests fate screen rant.

The finale of season 3 of the flash finally revealed the fate of iris west and neatly tied up the seasons loose ends. It totally bothers me that iris and barry are endgame even though they are totally brother and sister. Why iris is leading team flash when season 4 begins. Iris west yet lives, while things have taken a tragic turn for h. This article contains major spoilers for infantino street, the latest episode of the flash this penultimate episode of the flashs third season was filled with secrets, surprises and reunions. Macgyver must work with a freelance agent to rescue a humanrights activist from a czechoslovakian psychiatric hospital. A moment for iris the flash season 2 episode 23 tv fanatic. However, she was released by leonard snart and lisa snart along with the rest of the imprisoned metahumans, and took the opportunity to teleport. Greg berlanti developed by, andrew kreisberg developed by 2 more credits. This post contains spoilers on the flash season three finale, episode 23.

The flash season 4s new leaked pictures revealed iris west will replace barrys position as a flash. I know that mixed signals was supposed to serve as the true reset after the understandable weirdness of getting barry out. Iris wests death at the hands or blade of the mysterious savitar has been haunting him. After all, in season one, eddie killed himself to prevent reverseflashs existence. Irritating doesnt even begin to describe how iris is to that show. Gypsys father, breacher, takes an immediate disliking to cisco and decides to hunt him. Labs particle accelerator accident, shawna gained the power to teleport. Three ghosts in the shows season 2 two part mid season final. Iris ii is a 20 south korean espionage television series. In the episode titled dont run, the synopsis reveals that caitlin and barry will be in trouble at the same time. Main cast grant gustin as barry allen the flash and dr.

But after months spent hatching a plan to keep it from happening, the penultimate episode ended with savitar succeeding, and killing iris west. And while season 2 didnt immediately know what to do with a cluedin iris. The flash elongated journey into night tv episode 2017. Iris simprovise justiciere dans the flash et notre monde s. Iris recently had a large upsurge in results, coming in 2nd in the gomtv classic season 3 losing to flash and reaching the. She is the former fiance of the late eddie thawne and current girlfriend of barry allen who has been her childhood best friend growing up in central.

Jones barry allen returns to the dc universe, fleeing from the black racer. Iris west suits up in a new photo from season 4 episode 16, run, iris, run. Iris is given barrys speed when the team fights a bus meta who has the ability to swap. Last week, vancouvers yaletown district was turned into central city to film a date with barry and iris grant gustin and candice patton for the flash season 3 episode 3. Starring jang hyuk, lee dahae, lee beomsoo, oh yeonsoo, yoon doojoon, im soohyang, lee joon, and kim yeongcheol, the sequel to 2009s iris continues the story of national security service agents going up against the mysterious organization known as iris. Their relationship has been the object of speculation for more than a few episodes now, but it looks like iris and eddie might be breaking up on the. Thomas andrew tom felton born 22 september 1987 is an english actor. One of flashs most impressive stunts involved his race against the black.

How the flash finally fixed its iris problem vanity fair. I have nothing against candace patton but if only she knew just how most fans are really getting sick and tired of her character being to the flash like kryptonite is to superman. Heres what happened on the finale of the flash so, the theories that were floating around the web about hr and iris west proved to be true. Harry and the harrisons is the twentyfirst episode of the fourth season of the flash, and the ninetieth episode overall.

Shawna baez born june 20, 1987, nicknamed peekaboo by caitlin snow, is a metahuman from central city. He portrays julian albert in a major recurring role in the third season of the flash, credited with special appearance status. Comics historian les daniels noted that the flash was a streamlined, modernized version of much that had gone before, but done with such care and flair that. However, even though the third season is very good, it dramatically fizzled with the season finale and another cliffhanger. But after all of that, it finally presented what weve all been dreading all season the death of iris west. Barry allen has been fighting through season 3 of the flash to prevent a dark vision of the future. Barry grant gustin will fear the day he will lose iris candice patton in the second half of the current season of the flash. Wells unleashed peekaboo britne oldford from the star labs prison, and in the process of containing her, team flash discovered eddie was being held in star labs as well.

After the season 2 finale ended in a cliffhanger, season 3 started off with a ceremonious bang. The second series was briefly canceled in 2006 in the wake of the infinite crisis event that saw bart replace wally, but was restarted with its original numbering in 2007 when wally returned as the flash. Welcome to rflashtv, a subreddit about the comicbook tv series starring grant gustin. The second season of the flash premiered on october 6, 2015, on the cw and concluded on may 24, 2016. Iris wests mourning period is about to come to a close. The flash season 4 team flash finds barry but he is. Season 3 of the flash just wrapped up and its going to be a long wait until season 4 debuts this september. Barry allen, candice patton as iris west and detective iris westallen, danielle panabaker as dr. Barry and iris 2x01 the man who saved central city part.

Iris jumps out of a window with full faith that the flash will save her. When the flash returns next tuesday the cw, 87c, the reporters professional and personal relationships will finally begin to. External links tom felton at the internet movie database. Created by writer gardner fox and artist harry lampert, this flash was jay garrick, a college student who gained his speed through the inhalation of hard water vapors. Trivia the title references the 1987 film harry and the hendersons.

Savitar snaps poor wallys leg, argues with joe a bit, and then snatches iris. After the previous episode seemed to show team flashs plan failing, and savitar succeeding in his mission to execute iris west before barry allen s very eyes as it. When wally succeeded allen as the flash, a new series began in june 1987. This article contains massive spoilers for the flash season 3, episode 22well, you cant say the makers of the flash didnt warn us to expect iris wests death. With grant gustin, candice patton, danielle panabaker, carlos valdes. She is a reporter for central city picture news and she is an allie of the vigilante hero team the flash family and former of waitress of cc jitters. The flash 1x22 eddie tells iris she will marry barry duration. The flash and his wife, iris, had just decided to have a baby the day that they also attended a. Is iris west allen in the flash an irritating character. Iris was well known as one of the most aggressive terran players in the professional scene, and was a prominent member of cjs terran line, being the only other terran on their lineup besides his teammate skyhigh. So, if iris gets the same treatment and a comeuppance like laurel did, ill probably like her more. Well, if the flash were to try and remain consistent, iris would still be dead.

As with all set photos, theres always a possibility that a. The flash season 4 team flash finds barry but he is all screwed up the cw. The flash iris jumps out of window family of rogues s2e3. The flash 2x iris west from earth 2 kiss barry duration. The flash casts tony todd as voice of dc villain zoom in season 2. Iris west is the daughter of joe west and the late francine west an older sister of wally west. Watch macgyver episodes online season 2 1987 tv guide. Iris candice patton will have a difficult decision to make regarding caitlin danielle panabaker and barry grant gustin in the upcoming episode of the flash.

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